War Widows Guild - Original Soldiers Oat Biscuit Fundraising Project

The War Widows’ Guild  was founded by Jessie Vasey – a most remarkable woman.
Jessie’s husband had alerted her to the plight of World War One widows. 
When Jessie’s own husband was killed during WW2, Jessie came to understand the desperate situation of women widowed through war.  There was no pension for War Widows at that time, and very little support at all. 
Almost single-handedly Jessie founded The War Widows’ Guild in 1945, a self-help organisation that assisted women widowed through war to come to terms with their loss and sacrifice and to provide for themselves and their children.
The Guild’s motto exemplifies the spirit of Jessie Vasey.  She overcame her despair to become the inspiration that helped heal so many other widows. She gave the rest of her life in pursuit of her vision – to bring war widows together to speak with one voice in the improvement of their circumstances, and to help each other overcome the disadvantage they had suffered.  Find out more at  No Mean Destiny
Today The War Widows’ Guild of Australia continues Jessie’s work in support of War Widows. 
The Photos used on the War Widows’ Guild Soldiers’ Oat Biscuit packet are recreated by Reenact-SA.  They were taken at the historic Torrens Training Depot, King William Road Adelaide, and at the Dardanelles Cenotaph, Kintore Avenue, Adelaide.
Your purchase of these biscuits supports the South Australian branch of The War Widows Guild, who extend their sincere gratitude to you. 
Some photos of the team below with Simon Horwood (Marketing Manager) from Adelaide Hills Foods.
50c per unit is donated annually to the War Widows Guild of South Australia.
The photos used in this product are recreated by Reenact-SA for the War Widows’ Guild of South Australia, featuring the historic Drill Hall at Torrens Parade Ground, Adelaide.
*Help on this project was kindly donated by author Allison Reynolds. Her book Anzac Biscuits: The power & spirit of an everyday national icon is available online through Booktopia.